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Award winning, cordless doorbell with five specially
composed tunes in high sound quality. The tune is set on the
individual bell push for the convenience of assigning up to five
different tunes to each one, making it easy to identify which
doorbell is ringing. The sound level can be set to high/low or
off. Lights on both the chime and the bell push will illuminate
when the bell is activated or the batteries need changing.
The doorbell is supplied with one bell push and batteries.
Alternatively a plug-in main adaptor can be connected to
the chime.
One single chime can operate with an unlimited number of
bell pushes which are available separately. The chime can
be free-standing or mounted on the wall by means of the
enclosed fittings. The maximum working distance between
the chime and the bell push is up to 150 metres and a coding
system ensures that there is no interference to or from any
nearby cordless product.

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